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Cozmik Strudel Half Apron

Cozmik Strudel Half Apron


Imagine coming home from an intense day of functioning in society, and all you want to do is decompress. You enlist a glass of wine, soul music, and your favorite person (or furbaby) to accompany the great unwind.


The glass has been poured, the music is grooving, the aroma begins to rise from the freshly lit candle, and your hair's loosely pulled back out of your face. You're now ready for a trip to the pantry to figure out dinner. But first, you adorn yourself with 'Succulent x Duchess' Kitchen Attire, choosing the one that complements your favorite house shoes. From the moment you wrap your distinctive apron around your waist, your mood enhances and the day's stressors continue to fade away. You find yourself in the mirror admiring your curves and becoming inspired to do more than cook and eat food.

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