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the holistic approach

if you are interested in collaborating, have an idea for partnership, or would like to book me for public speaking event, I am available for conducting workshops for corporate and creative settings.

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Public Speaking & Workshop Topics

  • Creativity
    • Healing Your Inner Muse: Journaling Workshop for Creatives 
    • Self-care & soul-care for creatives
  • Wellness
    • Wellness for busy first-time moms and mompreneurs
    • Creating a holistic birthing experience
    • Body confidence and positive self-image 
  • Food
    • Transitioning from Standard American Diet to eating healthy plant-based
    • Adopting holistic plant-based diet on a budget
    • Pantry audits, and GMO vegan/vegetarian alternatives 
    • Positive impacts of holistic nutrition on the creative process

“Duchess is a safe place. Be honest with her and yourself and the experience will be greatly beneficial for you”

The way that you present information is deeply comforting and useful. Many a journal prompt has been written because of our conversations. I’ve learned how much of a brand my individuality is. You reminded me that I have things to share, things worth talking about and that people would want to pay attention to those things”