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© 2019 by dSENT, LLC. 

It's a pleasure to have you in my digital sphere. While you're reading this, I am somewhere on the planet sipping a matcha latte, minding my business, and planning my world domination. 


I am Duchess-Simone, and I wear my divinity as Your Favorite Color. This is where you can find out about my life, my writing, and my art. 

I'm a Creative Entrepreneur, which really means, on any given day I am the creator and the muse. As a muse, I model for art classes and figure drawing workshops, as well as photographers and filmmakers.


As an artist, I am a singer/songwriter and poet. The things I write about cover the spectrum of femininity, emotiveness (or in many cases a lack thereof) and the dynamics of love and intimacy. 


Feel free to browse my thoughts on life, love, and wellness.


Bare With Me, I come in pieces.