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Travel Journal: Spa Day in WaldHotel Davos (Review)

About five years ago, I started the tradition of spending my birthdays in the Spa getting "rubbed on" as I seldom like to put it. But in any case, when I first started spa day as the annual tradition, my budget was pretty minimal, but it didn't keep me from my wellness. I'd round up my coins and take them on over to Massage Envy for the simple Swedish and deep tissue massages. Each passing year I eventually worked my way up to nice and semi-posh day spas around Philadelphia.

Last year, I spent my birthday in Los Angeles at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Bliss Spa. It was nice and relaxing, but also very commercial. I told myself then that the following year I'd be unwinding at a more unique facility, with a more inviting, relaxing, and luxe environment.

And let me tell y'all, this year the wellness gods smiled down upon me because I got to spend my birthday in one of the finest spas in Switzerland. Wald Hotel in Davos was nothing but a dream come true.

I had a full day booked at the spa which included lunch, a massage, and access to all of the amenities, but most of my time was spent in the saltwater pool and the sauna. The Sauna rules stated explicitly NO TEXTILES, so you know that just about knocked my socks off. I hate being in places where they force you to wear clothes in the sauna. That defeats the entire purpose.



Walking into the Waldhotel I was greeted by a staff member who was very authentic with just the right amount of politeness. I don't feel like she was trying too hard, either. I could tell she was good at her job but would have also been happy to take the day off. Her demeanor was hospitable and welcoming, but she wasn't trying to overcompensate for anything--- which to me is the exact opposite of what most concierge and front desk staff do when they can tell that you're not a local.

The wellness center is located in the basement of the hotel. There's a swanky lift that makes you feel like you're on some sort of exclusive mission to the WaldHotel Spa, or maybe that's how traditional Swiss lifts are, hell, I don't know. But what I do know, is that I fucking loved every bit of the elevator ride. It's very nontraditional for a Philly jawn such as myself.

Descending to the basement, you smell the fresh aromatherapy that's taking place, and as soon as you open the elevator door, the warms of the oils just about slap you in the a good way though. I was so delighted to know that their wellness center was regulated to a warm climate. I've been in too many freezing spas in my lifetime.

Already, they were winning. I was greeted by the masseuse who showed me where to put my things, where I could change, and where I'd be getting my massage.

I wasn't at all surprised by the cleanliness of the facility, but I was definitely surprised at how suitable the facility was for me. For starters, the place was WARM. Most people would have thought it was too hot, but it was just the right temperature seeing as how it felt like negative 15 degrees Farenheight in Davos. Secondly, there were no bodies other than my little purple body, and the masseuse walking around. Literally, there was NOBODY there. I later discovered that my personal spa day was specially reserved as a private spa day. Several hundred square feet of warmth spa energy to myself. Girl...


My massage was the first thing I had time to do, at 10 AM with the sweet Swiss woman who showed me around. Let me tell you, her fingers were perfectly nimble and agile, and just fucking incredible for what kneading needed to be done to my knots. Gosh, the woman spent so much time on my neck and my thighs. My legs were beyond sore from going HAM on my leg workout the past few days. She gave me the option to pick which scent of lotion that I wanted. The choices were between jasmine, lemon citrus, and rosemary. I picked rosemary though because it was more aromatic than the other two. As soon as she put it on my body, I knew I picked the right lotion, and I was passed out after the first fifteen minutes.


After the massage was over, the masseuse woke me up out of my trance, I put my robe back on and went straight to the saltwater pool for about thirty minutes. Then I sat in the sauna for another twenty minutes before hunger crept up on me. I was so ready for lunch. If you know anything about Switzerland, you know that Swiss people LOVE meat and dairy, which doesn't make much an experience for a vegan. I wasn't nervous about they would serve me, but I was a little curious about the options that I'd have. Because really, there have been so many times where I've pulled up to restaurants, just to be presented with a basic ass salad or rice bowl. But this kitchen went all out with their imagination. They didn't give me options, because I don't think they had any.

Once seated in the dining room and asking the waiter what was on the menu, he blatantly told me that he didn't know because they're not used to vegans dining there. He assured me they'd be able to accommodate me and brought out a simple serving of roasted nuts while I awaited my meal. Even though this hotel is known for its fine dining, I did not by any means assume that they'd know what to do with the vegan. Not only did they figure it out, but they served a divine three-course meal.

1. Pickled carrots

2. Roasted cauliflower with coconut curry sauce, french fries, and a side salad

3. Baked pears with lemon sorbet

Each course was so divine, I did not know what to do with myself. I was so full in the end. they could have seriously wheeled me out of there. Like, I was legit stuffed to capacity. I don't like posting pictures of myself with a full stomach, I don't know a woman really does, but I had to post the photo of my satisfied little happy belly.

After eating I disrobed and sat in the sauna some more and took about a thirty minute nap afterwards. I got out of there around 4:00 PM, and still had some time left to spare to go sledding down the mountain. I'll tell you more about that adventure later.

I couldn't wait to share this experience with you guys, because in all reality it was definitely a moment of clarity, and a day in a dream.

I am looking forward to what this coming year brings forth, and already manifesting my luxe Bearthday spa day retreat for next year!

Happy Holidaze.

Treat yourself to something amazing this season

peace & purple


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