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  • Duchess-Simone

You Deserve The Whole Box Of Chocolates

*warning: the term "friend zone" is merely a colloquial phrase used to make a point. it doesn't actually exist in the Purple sphere*

Don't force yourself out of the 'friend zone'

You woke up there for a reason

I strategically placed you based on favorability

You should have seen the way

you so innocently fell for me

though you probably dream

of cupping and sucking my breasts

you keep your hands to yourself

and to be quite frank

that's what makes me love you

Please understand when I say things like I don't want you

I don't mean it like I don't love you because I do

it's just I'm afraid I'll hurt you---

my lifestyle indicates that to be true

you can call a town hall meeting to consult "them other niggas"

they'll say I'm egocentric

with the sweetest core once you really get to know me

Truth is

it's a pleasure to know you

and I don't wanna do you like that

so let me keep you close by

and you gotta always open your door

when I call though

I'd love for you to be my brake

when I need a break

can we grow alongside each other

with our roots interlaced

and occasionally our fingers

if we ever lay

I want us to always have this

whatever this is

we enjoy each other's company

let's not make it a thing

then I'll not mind

giving you thoughtless amounts of time

filled with deep thoughts about the obstruction of time

and maybe a little Miss Duchess misconduct

I am neither interested nor driven by romantic pursuits

So there's no pressure if I ever put my lips on you

sometimes I can't take my eyes off yours

that's the real reason I ever seem bored

I'm literally hanging on your words

lost in your aura

of course I find you attractive

only a real fine brotha could have my attention

be it a couple hours or fifteen minutes

i'm proud to be here so it's real

really, I like the impressions

It is in the 'friend zone'

where I can look after you

with the tender loving care that you deserve

If you never feel entitled

to my sweetest pieces

that'll make me want to

feed them to you more