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  • Duchess-Simone

Thai in Switzerland

Believe it or not, I've been managing pretty well in the great land of meat, cheese, and efficient public transportation. I wasn't sure how progressive Switzerland would be, but surprisingly, they are low key accommodating with vegans.

Really, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Even at the major supermarkets, there are a lot of vegan and gluten-free options that are not exclusive to greens in the produce section. I usually find everything I need between Migros, Coop, and Aldi. ---You know it takes more than one to rock my boat ;)

Anyway, I remember from my travels in London that ethnic food abroad is pretty much the best tasting I've had in my entire life. The first Thai restaurant I tried was pretty good, as was the second, third, so forth and so on. I began noticing a trend when I found myself schlepping from Richmond to Ealing just to dine at one particular Chinese restaurant passing up dozens of others on the way. Ever since that trip I always associated abroad travels with insanely bomb ethnic cuisine, so I expected nothing less from Switzerland.

There are so many vegan eateries in Zurich, which is understandable because it's the biggest city in Switzerland. But I've been fortunate to stumble upon establishments outside of the city who are hip to what a vegan needs. It's not very many places, but I'm thankful for what I have found, and I'm pretty sure the more I get out and explore, I'll find a few more.

I came across Viet Hai in Wattwil, which is about an hour outside of Zurich, and super accessible by public transportation. Sitting down to a completely German menu brought me to the realization that food is definitely the catalyst in helping me learn foreign languages.

I browsed over the menu and noticed that there's a combination of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. But I did recognize that they had curry and they had spring rolls so I was good to go.

No lie, I thought it was a bit odd that they priced one veggie spring roll at 3.50 CH, and priced three chicken spring rolls at 5.00 CH. This made absolutely no sense to me. But after placing my order and the waitress brought out this one lone, long-ass vegetable spring roll, it all made sense to me. The chicken spring rolls are probably smaller.

Mind you, this is literally the longest spring roll I've ever eaten in my entire life. I didn't just bite into it though, I cut it in half. And to my satisfaction, there was the right amount of filling in both halves of the roll with recognizable ingredients. The sauce was also very tangy, and spicy; highly addictive stuff right there.

On to the curry. This was a little different for me. The Thai curry I am accustomed to having has a thinner consistency. It's a little more brothy, or soupy, and the vegetables like, do a little dunk in the curry goodness.

The meal I had today as you can see the vegetables were like, enveloped in the curry goodness. The texture of the curry was more like a sauce. It had some body because it was a tad congealed, but not in a disgusting manner. There was just a certain thickness to this curry sauce, that way the vegetables were able to hold on to to the girth of the curry. I kind of loved it.

It was the right amount of spice, definitely beyond mild which made me all sorts of happy. I didn't like the rice so much, but you all know I am no fan of white rice at all. I wanted to order fried rice, but they seemed like they couldn't cook it without the egg.

Which brings me to my next point about substitutions: very few establishments are fond of making substitutions. They were ok with not adding tofu to the curry but were a little iffy on the no egg in the rice so your best bet is to order something you'll love as is. Which if you didn't notice is almost never for ya girl because at the base of my dietary restrictions is a finicky eater.

Viet Hai gets 5 Purple stars though because my curry was void of baby corn, and I didn't even have to ask them to leave it out. Thank the Gods!