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Is It Time To Change Your Look?

Who would have thought that you could be inadvertently schooled on style while grocery shopping?

Bizarre, I know, but hear me out.

Last week while at my local farmer's market, I happened to overhear a conversation between two women who were across the isle groping peaches. While I was disgusted with their incessant need to touch on all the bare fruit, I was actually intrigued by their dialog. They were discussing fashion, which if you didn't know is one of my favorite things on the planet. But I was more inspired to listen than to tag myself in. Besides, the volume in which they were speaking made it hard to ignore them.

Their appearance was a combination between athleisure and around the house clothes.

The woman who looked most unkempt asserted her thoughts with intense energy. "Anyone who owns an abundance of footwear is just overindulgent, and in my opinion, they have some degree of obsessive compulsive disorder." woman A scoffs.

That general and seemingly misguided statement enticed my eyes to wander just to satiate my curiosity. I wasn't going to approach the lady, I just wanted to see what she was working with for the sake of having context on her opinion. I knew the peek had to go unnoticed; so I did a subtle glance over my left shoulder, and goodness my discovery. The combat boots on her feet looked like artifacts from the first world war. The boots were black, I couldn't tell if the color was attributed to dirt or ash, but the soles were held together by several layers of silver duct tape. I was distraught by their condition but I immediately felt compassion for the arches of her feet.

The half smirk on woman B's face suggested that she was preparing to poke the bear as she placed a perfectly ripened peach into her knitted pouch. She donned a pair of lime green crocs; cozy, flexible yet sturdy enough to stand her ground.

She began, "Well, be that as it may, an abundance of shoes, or one pair of shoes, they shouldn't look like you hijacked them from the feet of a deceased homeless person."

Mic drop.

Observing their exchange inspired me into deep thought, and I began to analyze society's relationship to clothes and personal aesthetic. I quickly realized those two peach grabbers were the physical representation of people that I actually knew.

Woman A reminds me of my god-sister who has worn the same exact underwhelming hair style for the last 20 years. Our group photos are haunted by that god forsaken drawstring ponytail. Woman B reminds me of my great aunt who consistently reminds us 1- not to cheat your feet, and 2- you can be simple without being basic.

Society loves to perpetuate don't judge a book by its cover, but a person's wardrobe choices can give you plenty insight on their personality.

Is it not fair to develop an opinion about the book based on the evidence while still being interested in reading the details contained within?

While it may not be necessary to explore the nooks and crannies of every individual you encounter on a daily basis, it is important to adventure within yourself. So I'll leave you with these questions to ponder.

How do you know when it is time to change your look?

Are you open to feedback from your loved ones about how to improve or modify your appearance?

What is your relationship to clothes and shopping?

I encourage you to sit with these thoughts.

until next time,

peace & purple


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