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What Women Need: Gifts & Gestures To Impress Her (Quarantine Edition)

For some peculiar reason, there's a good handful of people in various corners of the earth who are inquiring about dating tips during the quarantine.

Sir... Right now... This is what you want to do? You're interested in dating, right now?!

I mean, just when I thought COVID was capable of stopping what STD's couldn't, I stumble upon stories about folk breaking quarantine just to get laid.

Instead of admonishing them for it, I figured the least I can do is help them ascend to their greatest level of what I like to call savvy savagery.

So gentlemen, if you're attempting to pursue a new relationship and/or rekindle an old one, I would strongly advise you to make some prudent decisions in order to get and keep a woman's attention.

You no longer have the luxury to take her out to a semi-nice dinner with your phone faced down on the table pretending to listen to her ramble, in exchange for consensual pleasure. The stakes are much higher now and unfortunately for you our attention spans, in contrast, are not. You actually have to put forth A LOT more effort.

In my free E-Book "How To Be The Man She Needs In A Sea of Fans", I talk about the significance of meeting a woman's tangible and emotional needs, in exchange for her loyalty, companionship, etc.

"So, Purple, are you saying that I actually have to buy her affection?"

No. What I am saying is that many young enterprising women like myself don't need an accumulation of useless baubles in our space, AND another body in the room. So unless you want to be a man who brings forth inedible plastic fruit devoid of nourishment that just sits in the bowl to be looked at, I suggest you check out the list below.

I've spent some time compiling this list and there are plenty of links included because I know you are visual creatures.

Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Personal + Beauty Upkeep

  • Press-On Nail Kits - Get familiar with sites like,, You can also search the hashtag #Pressonnails on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for a wider selection of independent nail techs.

  • Haircare Items - Women can never have enough durags, satin bonnets, shower caps, or scrunchies. Invest in unique colors, prints, and patterns that stand out. She should feel cute in her #stayathome get up.

  • Hair Products - Again, we can never have too many leave-in conditioners, hair oils, shampoo, and conditioner, in our homes. Now, there is a lot to choose from, so don't get overwhelmed, or make yourself sick when picking things out. You can also check out videos on youtube for product reviews. Here are a few sites worth checking out for products:

Shea Moisture


Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

TPH by Taraji P Henson

  • Foot Care - Now listen, if you're going to get a footspa, make sure you also get the necessary tools to achieve a thorough pedicure: grooming kits, nail polishes, foot scrubs, etc

  • Body - You can't go wrong with shea butter, African black soaps, refined coconut oil, soothing lotion

  • Notable mentions: eye masks, lingerie, robes, pajamas, body loofah sponges, etc.

Tip: I recommend you always have a conversation before buying hair and skincare products. Don't act like you have a motive, but do ask her what she likes. Remember you want to pick her brain about her preferences and allergens before spending money. This might inspire her to do a little research on her own, which can continue the dialogue and expand your knowledge of her tastes. You'll also confirm what things you should buy, and what you should steer clear from.

2. Home + Personal Space

  • Bedding - Don't underestimate the power of high-quality linens! Of course, you have to find out what size her bed is, but don't be a creep about it. Don't act like you're surveying with the intent to climb into her bed though. Don't do that. Just keep in mind, when purchasing a nice bed set, nothing less than 1800 thread count, because we're grown. Luxury first. Some websites to shop for bedding:



Bed Bath & Beyond


  • Creative Lighting - Help transform her space to be more comfortable and inviting with

Salt lamps

Color-changing LED lightbulbs (super energy efficient)

Rope Lights

  • Distinctive Artwork - this is a good chance to support an independent or local artist of your choice. Here are some in my vortex:

The Color Duchess



Mister Sampson


  • Essential Oil Diffuser - This is a safer alternative to air freshener, and has more physical and spiritual benefits as well. Oil diffusers help relieve stress and anxiety, improves sleep, can also kill bacteria, and is safer than incense and candles.

Here's a reasonably priced diffuser on Etsy

And here's a Youtube video explaining how to use it.

Oils can get a little pricy, so I recommend buying them in sets that include one or

more of the following: tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and lemon.


Plant Therapy

Eden's Garden

  • Living Room Adornments - unique couch pillows and fleece throw blankets are perfect for curling up with a good book, or a movie night.

  • Notable mentions: sage, squatty potty, cute shower curtain, Bluetooth speakers, batteries, flashlights, trash bags, firewood (if applicable)

Tip: Each woman has her own distinctive taste. Make sure you pay close attention to details, and be mindful of any potential triggering genres, themes, colors, or shapes.

3. Health + Wellness

  • Therapeutic Art Supplies - Coloring, and painting can be very calming. It takes you out of the world and puts you in a peaceful space to create with your emotions and imagination. I recommend buying an art supply kit, and a few books. Popular suppliers:

Dick Blick

Michaels (they're in cahoots with AC Moore, but usually has coupons + discounts)

Hobby Lobby (always has 40% off coupon, too!

Printable coloring pages are also a good idea because you can send them via PDF to her email.,,

  • Fitness + Yoga - You can never go wrong with kettlebells, and dumbells, but I highly recommend you order the adjustable dumbells so she can build her muscles without outgrowing them too fast. Yoga mats, yoga blocks, resistance bands are all good ideas as well.

  • Vitamins + Supplements- Immune boosters, to improving hair, skin, and nails, to increasing her libido.

Yoni Steam/V Steam: Cleanses the vagina, helps maintain healthy PH, boosts libido

The Mane Choice: Natural hair growth vitamins

Irish Moss/Sea moss: Boots immunity, detoxifies the body, regulates digestion

KOS Protein Powder: Natural pea-based vegan protein powder

Vitamins: B12, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Melatonin, Spirulina, etc.

  • Sex Toys - This could go two ways depending on her temperament. You could either irritate TF out of her or earn the absolute maximum points. Some places to buy:

Adam and Eve

Love Honey

Jack & Jill

Coco de Mer (London)

  • Subscription Boxes - These are bundles of goods that are delivered to your front door for a flat fee. This an excellent gesture if you know she always likes to keep certain items on hand in her household. You can use this site to filter through infinite possibilities, but I myself would go for things like these:

International Wine of The Month Club: packages starting at $40/mo plus S&H.

Purple Carrot: box of vegan ingredients + recipes delivered weekly starting at $72.00

Sock it To Me: two pairs of socks for $22.00/mo

Cherry Blossom Subscription: Organic cotton pads and tampons, starting at $11.99/mo

4. Career advancement

  • Premium Network Subscriptions - Help her expand her knowledge and network

LinkedIn Premium: $30/mo for exclusive features and access to high-profile individuals

Coursera/LinkedIn Learning: Online courses in Photography, Marketing, Business, Design, etc. also $30/mo (but free with LinkedIn Premium)

  • Premium Subscriptions for Content Creation - While a lot of apps are free and easy to use, upgrading to the paid versions will allow you to unlock features to create eye-catching content.

Canva for graphics

Mojo for videos

  • Online Courses/Masterclass - This is an opportunity for her to take notes from an esteemed and revered pioneer in her industry. For a one time fee of $180, you and your lady can benefit from this membership. You can study the art of acting with Samuel L. Jackson, or learn she wants to take writing lessons with Shonda Rhimes, or Malcolm Gladwell, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

  • Tools That Increase Organization - Sure you could consider things like stationery, journals, binders, file cabinets, etc. but also

Premium Cloud storage: iCloud (2TB for $10/mo), Dropbox (3TB for $10/mo)

  • Targeted ads on social media platforms - Independent artists and entrepreneurs need help getting the word out there, outside of asking friends and family to share their posts. For as little at $5/day you can help her run ad campaigns. You can find out more about social media advertising here.

  • Invest in cryptocurrency - With all the madness in the world, it wouldn't be a bad idea fo learn bout the future of universal currency. Here are a few resources to look into



  • Notable Mentions - Medium subscription,

Even though the world is opening back up, it doesn't seem very wise to go rushing back to the old way of operating.

And as I've mentioned earlier, the trajectory of dating has significantly changed.

So start with the tip of the iceberg. These ideas will surely set you apart from other men vying for her attention. It takes minimal effort to put money in her cash app or subscribe to her only fans (if applicable). But I'm telling you, if you want some major points, give the gift that keeps on giving: thoughtfulness.

Best of luck to you. I'm here if you need any advice.

Until then,

Peace and Purple


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