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Phinally, Real Vegan Food - Vedge Food Review

Finally! A place where vegetables are allowed to be great. Vegetables. Just plain vegetables. Nothing more, nothing less.

I can't express how lackluster I've been feeling with my palette since being in Philadelphia.

It's like, most of the vegan/vegetarian places cater to the audience that are begrudgingly living meatless. That's the only thing to explain the abundance of fake meat look-alikes and processed desserts that are just as unhealthy as the real deal. And honestly, it's very annoying. I've walked into places like Hip City Veg and just stared at the menu on the wall, hoping to find something exciting and yet, nothing grabs me, ever. And that's not to say that their food isn't good. Well actually I've never tried their food, so I wouldn't know.

In any case, I asked a few of my facebook friends where I should go for a bomb vegan meal, and there were a few suggestions left in the comments section. There were so many choices from dive bars to tapas, to full-service eateries. I was the most excited to try out Vedge.

They won my heart before I even arrived. I called ahead of time prior to making my reservation to find out which foods were soy-free. While I was a little disappointed to find out that some of the options had soy in them, I was delighted to know they made my dining experience easy for me because there was a vegan menu already prepared, separate from the original menu. Before my tukus hit the seat, they earned their tip. The reviews were great, the ambience looked warm and inviting so I was definitely looking forward to having a damn good time/

The service was excellent, and I love the atmosphere. Very warm and inviting. There were a lot of people dining, nearly no empty table but still the place didn't seem overcrowded.

Food-wise, there were plenty of great balanced and composed vegetable dishes. No bells and no whistles. I appreciated the fact that there was a wide selection of menu items, even on the conventional menu. The servers were absolutely charming and knowledgeable about their establishment.

What I ate:

Shaved Brussels-- Smoked Carrot-- Zucchini.

I'd say the brussel sprouts were interestingly prepared; they were shaved, so they were loosely plated and drizzled with crispy mushrooms mustard seed sauce. I'm used to the brussels being crispy and pan-fried, so this treatment of them was relatively new to me. But it lent a very fresh and light tickle to the tongue. It was a great way to start the meal indeed

The zucchini was insane, borderline orgasmic. I really liked the sauce and the shaved almonds on top to mimic parmesan was really clever. The vegetable is sliced thinly like pasta, but not too thin where it disappears beneath the sauce.

The smoked carrot was my favorite (so what I said that about the last two things, I loved it all!) The best part about the carrot to me was the fact that the lovely and skillful chef allowed the carrot to be a damn carrot. It wasn't cooked like it was trying to be a hot dog, it wasn't seasoned to trick your tastebuds, it was light, it was raw, whole, and faily well seasoned.

Thank you Vedge for such a lovely meal. The staff was so incredibly pleasant and earned every big of their juicy tip.

Certainly, I recommend this place, and I will be returning at some point in the future.

If you're thinking about going, I advise you to reserve a table, because this place gets packed!!

peace + purple

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