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  • Duchess-Simone

New Year, Same Energy

We made it to 2020! Can you believe it?

I know it's hard to fight the temptation of saying "new year, new me", but really, cut it out. It's so passe.

Why do you want a new you, huh? You've been working so hard to become what you are, so why throw it all away for this "new you", who might just be an imposter with an attention deficit.

You've achieved so much with consistency, discipline, and focus, so keep that same energy.

To be honest, January 1st is more about the earth's completion of a successful orbit and hasn't much to do with how huemans measure time, success, and failures. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you.

Changing your mindset will help take the pressure from January 1st as the beginning of your new life. You'll be less disappointed if things are off to a slow start, and you'll certainly decrease your chances of being depressed if things don't work out.

All you need is a decent amount of momentum to get the ball rolling and the right mindset to keep the ball rolling.

Do yourselves a favor and try to wrap your mind around this crazy shit I'm about to tell you, listen up.

Every day is a new chance to start over. *mic drop*

You don't have to wait until January of the new year! Seeing every day as a new chance and clean slate will put you into a good headspace, and will help you to paint a much more satisfying and fulfilling life. Every day is a new chance to start over.

So it wouldn't surprise you that I'm on some "new year, same energy" type time. I want the same energy I've had in 2019, 2018, 2017, and might as well throw in a couple bits and pieces from the Purple past. Sure, there were times I stumbled and failed a little bit, but I have been extremely determined in learning how to create a successful career, and I've been having the time of my life doing it.

Why change?

I see the bigger picture of the woman I am, and the woman I am becoming, and it's looking pretty damn good.

If you want to change anything, change the habits that keep you from reaching your goals. Throw out procrastination, self-doubt, pessimism. Change your outlook so that you can project the reality that you really want to live. Get rid of negative people who project their glass half empty vibrations on to you. Change the company you keep, so that you can actually reflect and exchange positive vibrations with people you can learn from.

The grass is green where you water it.

Take care of yourselves, and be kind to yourselves.