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  • Duchess-Simone

Pleasing My Palate: Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park

My my my, where does it start? For me, usually with a cup of herbal tea preferably King Crimson.

Everything about Kitchen Mouse is lively, dainty, and refreshing from the menu to the atmosphere. They have an indoor play area for babies along with a menu of kid friendly dishes. Catering to a diverse range of customers seems to be their specialty, and some of my favorite people watching has taken place there. It helps that the wifi access is limited because it forces me to focus on writing, reading, and absorbing the environment. It's never not crowded. The only time their lines aren't spilling onto Figueroa is when the doors are closed for the night. Understandably so, there food is delicious, and they're staff is usually pretty sweet and accommodating.

Kitchen Mouse wins for substitutions!

Kitchen Mouse is unlike any other vegetarian place I've eaten. What I love about them the most is that they are keen on substitutions. Too many vegan/vegetarian places I've been don't allow patrons to modify menu items, and that usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. These are a few of my favorite dishes and the substitutions I the lovely dovely people at Kitchen Mouse allow me to make.

1. Mushroom Tikka Tacos.

Roasted cremini and oyster mushrooms, with green pea mashed potatoes, topped with cucumber, mint and red onion salad, dressed with cilantro mint chutney and tikka sauce.

The Duchess Justice omit the potatoes, load up on the mushrooms and give me extra tikka sauce on the side because I like it wet.

Mushroom Tacos

2. Dill Pesto Quinoa: quinoa, arugula, almond dill pesto, red cabbage and beet tahini slaw topped black sesame seeds. This meal birthed my love for arugula! Bless them. I don't need to change much about this one it's Duchess friendly.

Jackfruit Crabby Cake

Dill Pesto Quinoa

3. Jackfruit Crabby Cake: two jackfruit “crab” cakes topped with your choice of poached eggs or avocado, yellow bell pepper hollandaise, and pepper, corn, & celery relish. Duchess Justice: give me the avocado.

Other favorites not pictured:

Snickerdoodle Pancakes

Mushroom sausage

Psychadellic Daalipop

Important things to know:

Kitchen Mouse's closes early at 4PM so unfortunately they can't satisfy your late night cravings, but they are best suited for getting your day started since they open bright and early at 8AM.

They cater, and deliver, learn more on their website.

The weekend brunch menu is different than their weekly menu. I went there one Sunday for the Tikka Tacos and was a little disappointed to learn that they weren't serving them. I wouldn't dare suggest you pass up on a trip to Kitchen Mouse, but I do encourage you to peruse the menu online to ensure you too will please your palate.

Happy dining!

peace + purple