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Revamping Your Personal Style 101

There is a major difference between having personal style and being stylish. Stylish people are well put together, but having personal style often exudes a level of confidence that enables you to pull off anything.

Confidence.. it's necessary component of any thorough wardrobe, but unfortunately it's not something you can pull off a shelf. It's grown organically from the depths of your spirit. Here are some tips that can help you reshape your aesthetic narrative while building your confidence and awareness in the process.

1. Imagine how you want to look and feel.

Take out a piece of paper, and draw a line down the center. Label the left column, "Current Me" and write down words that describe your aesthetic, style, and attitude towards shopping/getting dressed. Next, label the right column with "Future Me", and repeat the same steps imagining your future self.

**What do you see when you look at your closet when getting dressed? How do you feel? Who do you want to see in the mirror, and how do you want to feel?

2. Make a mood board or vision board full of inspiration.

The FUN part! Using some of the words from the "Future Me" column, build a mood board. The best place to do this is on Pinterest. It's a website (with an app) that gives you the ability to group pins together into a 'board'. Sharing is easy, just send the link to others for second opinions. This platform is great as a means of research because you most of the time, products are linked to where you can find them.

3. Make a playlist of music that inspires your evolution.

Your evolutionary playlist should focus on music that aligns with how you envision yourself. If you see your self to become fully engrossed in sad girl summer, make your music match that. If you're aiming for more vibrant colors and high spiritedness, then your playlist should be full of energy. Going for sleek, sultry, and sexy, then you're most likely going for music that puts you in the mood. Digital streaming platforms make it easy to find music by genre and mood, so be prepared to discover new music. Embrace your taste!

4. Talk to people who truly know you, and people that you trust.

As in, the person who will tell you that there's lipstick on your teeth before you go out into a crowd. Share your Pinterest board with the people you trust. They can either support you by making helpful suggestions. Or they can shoot down your every idea and make you regret saying anything at all, which can also be good for character building. Either way you don't lose.

5. Use affordable resources to acquire new clothing and accessories.

You can embody quality without selling your organs and maxing out all of your credit cards. Don't sleep on thrift stores and consignment shops as they tend to offer quality statement pieces. Major retailers don't exactly promise quality or distinctive pieces.

6. Have patience.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day, but I can't vouch for that because I wasn't there. But I do know this, it took a few decades to become the person you are today, therefore it will take some work to unlearn, and relearn the nu style of the person you are growing into.

You don't have to be a slave to fashion in order to change your appearance. Recreating your aesthetic is very much a shift in mindset, and has everything to do with changing your approach to projecting your authenticity. Don't think so much of it in the context of rebranding, because you're actually reshaping your being all together. Keep the needs of your soul first.

until next time,

peace & purple


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