(Vlog) Grocery Shopping Tips + Product Reviews

I usually tend to avoid processed foods, so this was purely experimental.

Go Raw Raisin Crunch Sprouted Organic Granola: Sprouted granola is a healthier alternative to regular granola, because sprouted grains are easier to digest than traditionally prepared granola. I was happy to find something vegan, gluten free, and soy free since soy irritates my pre-existing estrogen dominance. It was refreshing to find an option afforded for me. But the Raisin Crunch granola hasn't got much flavor, as one could assume based on all the things it proclaims to omit. But this four ingredient superfood was the perfect addition to my smoothies and salads. It'd didn't take away as much as serve as a good source of protein.

For my parfaits, it definitely took away.

I tried it with two different yogurts: Kite Hill's almond milk yogurt, and Good Karma's flax milk yogurt.

Good Karma takes the cake, undeniably. With or without the granola, the flax yogurt seemed more natural, and more reminiscent of the regular yogurt texture and look. Really, it just looked better.

The smell of Kite Hill's almond milk yogurt is very off putting. I double checked the date to make sure it wasn't sour when I purchased it. It was just very flat and underwhelming. By itself it's thick, chalky, kind of pasty. When combined with the flavorless sprouted granola, it was a train wreck. But I managed to get around it by adding ground cinnamon, brown sugar, chopped dates and walnuts to the party. I won't be buying that yogurt again.

With Good Karma being the better option, I'm glad to have found a yogurt alternative, but I don't think I'll be having anymore yogurt. It's a nice little additive in my primarily fresh diet, in conjunction to my other little favorite treats. But I never really missed yogurt to begin with, so I don't feel like this is something I'll want to have more than occasionally.

It's good to know it exists.

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