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Pleasing My Palate: Republic of Pie


My affinity for Republic of Pie starts with the atmosphere. The aesthetic is warm and inviting, and there's a wide variety of seating including couches, hardback wooden chairs with and without padding, and stools for bar style seating. Having these choices are necessary if you want to break the monotony when writing for extensive hours. You'll find it to be so much more conducive to your productivity. The music selections are usually complementary to the environment, too; proper volume, proper mood, nothing jarring. I've heard a decent amount of familiar and foreign genres to balance the experience.

Unlike most coffee shops in the area, ROP is the ultimate gatekeeper of their wifi. Not only do you have to make a purchase to obtain the password, but each customer's password is unique AND temporary, meaning it will not work the next day. Initially, I was a little put off with this, because hello, who actually wants to pay for wifi. But it's not about the connectivity of the internet, it's connectivity of the atmosphere. That stipulation helps the it stay comfortable because it cuts down on the amount of people just hanging around taking up space, and caters to those who want to be there. Works for me.

Even on their busiest days during peak hours, the staff is always friendly, smiling and happy to take your order.


Though I've never devoured a ginormous slice of pie, or so much as sipped a drop of coffee, I can vouch for their matcha latte's, with hemp milk. So delicious! The green tea flavor is very pronounced but not too strong, and the hemp milk adds a very smooth richness to it. I've had this drink from other coffee shops in the area and it's always a too gritty/grainy making it difficult to finish. ROP gets me right every time, giving me the consistency I need in a hot beverage.

Their bowl of oats is also good. I like their add-ins (brown sugar, and homemade granola) but I found myself missing raisins. No exaggeration, I clutched my pearls when they said they didn't have any at all. The first time I ordered the oatmeal, the milk-oat ratio was very balanced, oats were perfectly softened. I so enjoyed it. Also requesting they use almond milk instead of water makes it creamier than normal.

Two weeks later I came back and ordered the oatmeal again but this time around I brought my own raisins to the party. It elevated the oatmeal substantially adding another texture. The house granola married the raisins like they were meant to be together. They consummated in my oats, and satisfied my taste buds, it was amazing.

Adding golden raisins for an optional add-in would satisfy many others. I'm sure of it, take advice from the Purple girl :)

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