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  • Duchess-Simone

I Dreamt About A Dead Body In My Bathtub

In my dream, we were selling our most recent family house. Not necessarily the house I grew up in, but the family epicenter we lived in together as adults.

We decided to have an open house without the realtor, just a private showing for some friends of the family. The potential buyers came through around 5:00 in the evening, but it was on the weekend so I guess that's normal. They didn't show up in droves, they somewhat trickled in, one family at a time, so it's not like we experienced a consistent influx of individuals.

Both of my brothers were there to help with tours and to keep an eye on things while my mom was on call for work. She was there, but she wasn't really present as a lot of things had her attention.

I remember departing from a family, as it reached the time in their tour where you let them do their thing without breathing down their necks, and proceeded to the second floor guest bathroom. The plan was to wash my hands and look in the mirror to check my lashes and lipstick like the germaphobe narcissist I be.

As soon as I walked into the bathroom I noticed that the floor was wet, and I heard the water still running behind the shower curtain. I was immediately annoyed because I thought someone's child was running around in our house causing unnecessary damage and freaking havoc. Approaching the tub, I noticed a foot poking out. I swallowed that huge lump in my throat before I took another step, and grabbed my switch blade from my belt. I was going to pull back that curtain no matter what, and there was no telling what the fuck I was going to be greeted by.

I violently snatched the paisley shower curtain, and to reveal a pale lifeless body, whose sex was unidentifiable, fermenting in my guest bath. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head, and my heart almost sunk to my throat. Anatomically the hueman heart is underneath the throat so if I'm saying my heart sank to my throat, defying all laws of gravity, then you can only imagine how bad I must have felt.

I stood there fucking dumbfounded, silently panicking, shaking my hands and doing a number that resembled the pee pee dance. I probably did pee on myself. After two minutes of freaking out, I slammed the door behind me, grabbed a pair of my rubber Purple gloves from underneath the bathroom sink, and turned the water off. I opened the closet door to retrieve fresh linens to absorb the water on the floor. And I lit a candle to eliminate the weird smell in the air.

Once the area was cleaned up a little bit, I collected myself to call out to my mom as calmly as I could. She was sitting on the couch playing solitaire on her phone, and I didn't want to disturb any tours that may have been going on while I put a band-aid on the hemorrhage of a crime scene.

"MOM!! I need you to come here for a second."

"Ok. Here I come."

Big G continued down the long corridor of our 4200 sq ft home, for what felt like two hours. I could tell that she didn't know it was an emergency but that was my fault for wanting to sound too panicky and alarm her. She reached me with that too cool, "What's up, what's the matter?...Why are these towels on the floor?....What are you doing in here?"

I pulled her into the bathroom quickly and shut the door behind me. The way I ignored her question and silently locked the door confused her. She knew there was something wrong.

"Mom there's a fucking dead body in our tub! A lifeless hueman body has been fermenting in our tub, for God knows how long!" I exclaimed in an aggressive whisper while standing over the tub. "Look at this!"

The look on her face during my soliloquy didn't seem to bother her, and I couldn't read why she wasn't the least bit disturbed. Then I thought, Oh my god, my mom killed a man and didn't tell me. Shit, who was her accomplice? and Shit, why didn't she call me to help her stash the body? I'm supposed to be her ride or die, what the hell is going on around here?

I went from scared shitless to angry, to annoyed, to demanding answers. Now believe me when I saw in this dream I was completely sober as I am telling this story. No kidding, my emotions were all over the spectrum. I had the courage to ask her straight up "Mom, do you know whose body this is and how it got here? Did YOU kill this person."

And like the typical games my mom likes to play she replies "Yes and no".

"Mom, what the faaaaaaaak!! THIS NOT A TIME FOR GAMES!!! I need to know if I need to go back our damn bags and you're standing there acting like this is an episode of Family Feud! You're the only one who's playing! This is real life!"

"DD, relax, it's my project"

I stood there in utter disgust, her words not having registered with me yet.

"Your what?"

"My project." she continued with that confused, and not so innocent smirk on her face. "I'm participating in this special nurses program for the National Association of Black Medicine, and we have very complex assignments. I've reached the fourth level in my training where we are expected to dissect a body and harvest it's organs."

Standing there with squinted eyes and hands on my hips, I demanded to see the receipt. And she sure did have one, along with the box the body came it, and it's packing materials. She revealed the styrofoam container she took it out of and everything.

"WHAT TYPE OF INSTITUTION SENDS YOU HOME WITH A HUEMAN BODY TO DISSECT? DON'T THESE PEOPLE USE FROGS ANYMORE? Weren't you even going to tell me? You sure picked a fine time to thaw out your project when we had people coming mom!"

"Oh. Sorry."

We stood there laughing with one another. For as bizarre as that experience was, I was just happy I didn't have to flee the country with my mother and start a new life as a different color.

Dream Interpretation:

In this light body state, I believe that it's important to keep our dreams as vivid reminders and signs of the things we can expect to manifest in the waking life, the near future. Now, it's said that when a person dreams about death, it means life, and when a person dreams about life/birth, it means death.

So given the current phase of my life, dreaming about a dead body isn't surprising nor concerning to me. I've been going through a lot of transformations, from the rebranding of TheColorDuchess, and becoming closer to my higher and best self by furthering my experiences and broadening my horizons in my artistry. Specifically the fields of writing and modeling. I'm literally BARE out here in these streets, I've been applying my writing in places that I normally wouldn't, like fellowships and anthologies.

To dream of seeing a dead body in water means a wide range of things having to do with change, transformation, and ending. AuntyFlo is a website I like to use for my dream references, and she writes "To see a dead body floating on the top of the water in your dream illustrates that it is time to relax you are feeling somewhat burnt out in life."

I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm experiencing that personally, but I have seen some of my friends express their burnout to me personally and across their social media platforms. In my honest opinion, I think I've been moving at a comfortable pace and not over pressuring myself to 'get shit done'. I sleep when I want to, I eat because I want to, when in previous stages of my life, these things were done out of necessity. I used to slave for hours over my laptop trying to live at a faster pace than what time really allowed me to do. Working too damn hard. My mindset is completely different now. But I know this cool calm and collectedness is bound to last but so long, especially when things start picking up momentum. My friends are the example of the burnout that I should be able to avoid.

AuntyFlo also gave the general interpretation for seeing a dead body in your dream. "Dreaming of a dead body or a corpse is often connected to your happiness and how you approach to change. Unfortunately, this dream indicates possible difficult times ahead.  The horror and worry with which we entertain when we encounter death in our dream show that we have uncertainty for the future."

The unique part about this is that my mom was there to clarify and to make light of the horror in my dream. This could be a sign that someone close to me is always going to be there to pacify me during the upcoming storm, or maybe they won't be there to do so. I have been setting intentions to manifest emotional independence, so let's see how this pans out.

I just want to add that the innocence of the dead body in my dream could represent my needing to fully examine all aspects of a situations that may arise, and that on the surface things may seem pretty fucked up. But checking the facts and taking time to understand beyond the surface, I'll reach clarity and be able to laugh and smile with purpose.

What have some of your dreams been? Have you ever dreamt about death in a comical way? Or maybe you've dreamt about death in ways that weren't so funny, and that ended with you waking up in a cold sweat. How have you interpreted that in your real life?

I hope you find ways to interpret your dreams to improve the overall quality of your being.

peace & purple