Stalked By Neighbors.. How To Deal

I was on my way to an evening yoga class, and I was drawn to a friendly, animated pup named Filo (like the dough). I usually admire cute doggies and keep it pushing, but Filo won my undivided attention because he was not only super cute with loads of personality, but he reminded me so much of Sovereign, my little Shih Tzu who passed away in 2015. ⁣

Now, Filo and I were having a cool conversation. He seemed to enjoy the references I was making from baklava and other fruit-filled pastries. But that all went to shit when his owner decided to chime in.

The owner, who we’ll call Mario, started calling Filo a slut for women’s affection. His tone was odd, so I took that as my indication to exit. Mario asked for my name, told him to call me Purple. He went on to say how he loves my aesthetic, sees me all the time in my travels, and marvels at the way I put myself together. He had that “I’d love to be more than a fan” look in his eyes as he referenced a few outfits I’ve worn. Said he’d hoped I'd be impressed with his photographic memory. Not even.

His energy just felt “off”, you know what I mean? Before he could ask my origin and occupation, I diverted my attention to my Instagram notifications and proceeded to pedal to my destination. I told him to have a nice day and I blew his puppy a kiss. ⁣

In my travels, I thought to myself “dude just straight up, shamelessly admitted to watching me”. Then I thought about how many women ignore weird energy from men at the expense of compliments, and praise. I also thought about how many women dismiss those compliments as “he’s just being nice” because they don’t want to seem paranoid. But shit on that! Telling yourself to go along to get along is really an attempt to silence your intuition. Which if you didn’t know is very unhealthy.

So sis, if nobody ever told you, your paranoia is valid. Your standoffishness is permissible. Your vibrations are not to be ignored. Your intuition is not to be silenced.

If someone dismisses your true concern and calls you paranoid, they're not considering your feelings, and you should not put your safety in their hands.

It's recommended that you put yourself in safe situations no matter what, there's no job, or gig, or no living situation that is worth your piece of mind.

Having a peace of mind enhances the quality of life. Never underestimate it's value.

Make sure you're not only supporting yourselves in these situation, but being of support for your friends and loved ones who may come to you with similar circumstances.

peace and purple

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