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  • Duchess-Simone

A Prince Story: History of The Pendant

"OMG! Where'd you get that thing?!"Far too many times have strangers reached out to touch my Prince, but I believe in smacking hands to protect my Purple pendant. It was created in the name of pure source energy, by way of Valon Honor. Nobody touches it.

Instead of lamenting the transition of my Purple SOUL MODEL Prince Rogers Nelson, I choose to celebrate his life and legacy by walking in my truth and adhering to the universal laws. Just the way a free soul should. A few weeks after he passed, I crawled out of my initial shock and depression, and I began browsing the internet for a unique tangible to help radiate much needed positivity into my sphere.

After combing the internet for days I happened upon a Purple Prince pendant on Instagram. I reached out to the artist in the typical Duchess fashion via direct message saying: “I have to have this!!”. The portal opened.

The Jeweler

Credit: Valon Honor

A welder by trade, Valon Honor hails from St. Louis, MO. He draws on Afrikan spirituality and metaphysics as inspiration, and refers to his pieces as Ancestories (Accessories of the Ancestors). Valon has been welding Ancestories for only three years. His prior experience as a tattoo artist was enabled him transition into the brand new medium with ease. When asked what made you choose this art form, his response is always “I didn't have a choice. The Ancestories chose me”. He did not consciously decide to create customized accessories. One day, he was having trouble finding the perfect sized ankh online. (Um, sound familiar?) And after telling his nephew about his fruitless search, he received the message of all messages: Create what does not exist. The very next day he made three ankh pieces within a ten minute time frame. And the first Ancestories were born! Little did he know that would be the start of his business.

No two Ancestories are alike. Each piece is 700% handmade, and tailored to each customer’s uniqueness. So for those who asked to borrow my peace, you never stood a chance! It just wouldn’t fit you.

When I contacted him about the Prince pendant on his Instagram, he asked me a couple of questions to learn why “I absolutely had to have it” - yeah, those were my exact words. I shared all of what Purple represents to me, what Prince means to me, and how my father’s life and legacy is intertwined.

My father Duke, who was also killed in 1998, was the biggest Prince fan and introduced his kids to his music. There was literally a Prince song for every family outing. So when Prince passed in 2016, l lost a piece of me all over again. Some folk just don't get it.

But I knew Valon would have a clear overstanding and would pick up what I was putting down, based on the what I garnered from his style of work. So I was comfortable to speak candidly about my precious moments. The portal expanded.

About a two weeks later I received a message from Brother Valon

The creation started!

His customary practice is to begin pouring libations into the universe to acknowledge ancestors, both known and unknown. He revealed that he also spent time meditating on the Purple anecdotes I shared about my father, and Prince. There was so much grief at the root of my need for this custom peace and Valon was intentional with it's creation. He was listening to a Prince playlist to fine tune the frequency of his welding sessions.

During this time, I was experiencing an uncomfortable growing phase, and my spirit was being pulled in many directions. This pendant was something to look forward to recalibrating my life. I was relieved to know that he was positively creating this piece with pure intentions.

Even having a preview of the process, I still had no expectations of the finished product. I just knew that I was so excited to get it around my neck, and I would never take it off. This peace carried heavy momentum when you take into consideration my Purple excitement and the jeweler's personal touches.

My higher source and I already agreed that it was going to have mystical Purple powers, and I'd never be taking it off!

The only problem was that I was flying to London and didn't have an address for him to ship to. But a loving Air Bnb host provided accommodation for the length of my four month stay.

That was all she wrote.

My package arrived in London on December 6, 2016, just two weeks before my 25th birthday. The portal closed

It's become a part of my identity.

I've probably worn it 777,7777,777,777,777 times.

Immense gratitude to Brother Valon for being in alignment, and for allowing the ancestors to magnify his gifts to contribute to my Purple expansion.

Hit him up on Instagram (@Valon_Honor) Order something, anything! It's finally time to manifest that custom peace of heaven you've been dreaming about for God knows long! It's not like we're going to be here much longer, you might as well treat yourself.

Note the hidden beauty in a chance taken. Your pure Inner-G is your livelihood. Never abort that. Stay true to yourself. If you live in love, your rewards are abundant.

Create something the world needs.

Forever Your Favorite Color, Duchess-Simone

Peace & Purple