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  • Duchess-Simone

7 Self-Care Tips From A Narcissist

Hey you, don't you ever let anyone who's never held you tell you how you feel. People will try their hardest to convince you that self serving activities should be limited to your "spare time" and I couldn't disagree more. Continuously putting yourself and your self serving pleasures on the back burner will cause you to resent yourself before your life is over. There's so much more to your existence than work and staying on the grind.

Now, there's no one size fits all approach to self love or self care, but these seven tips should be a starting foundation in reshaping your awareness of what it means to care for yourself..

1. Dote on yourself.

Eliminate buyer's remorse. Commit to the things you really want. Don't deny yourself a new pair of shoes. Buy yourself that video game. Go to that once in a blue moon event even if it is way over town.

2. Touch yourself.

Not just when you want to masturbate. Give yourself a hug every now and then. Touch your face (with clean hands). Massage your muscles, rub out the kinks. Don't be a stranger to your own body.

3. Engage in positive self-talk.

Talk to yourself like you're talking to your lover or your friend. You don't always have to reprimand yourself, or praise yourself. But communicate with yourself. Become accustomed to hearing your thoughts out loud in a calm relaxed manner, not just when you're checking things off your mental checklist.

4. Shut down negative conversation.

It doesn't matter who it's from. Negativity infiltrating your psyche especially from those you love will leave you feeling uncomfortable, and weighty. You have the right to shut down any conversation that's saddening, angering, or weakening to your mood.

5. Get a facial.

Overworking, anxiety, and depression are real and should not be taken lightly. But sometimes, we overestimate the condition of our ailments and underestimate the simple fixes. You'd be surprised by what a clarifying and exfoliating facial can do for you. You can start by purchasing a mask and doing a DIY in home spa treatment, or you can visit a spa in closest to you.

6. Take yourself on a date.

Put on your best dressed-whether that be your favorite tracksuit, chinos, or tunic, and go out to your own company. Go out for dinner and a movie, check out an art exhibit for the day, or take yourself out of town for a change of scenery. Solo traveling can be so exhilarating! My favorite solo activities are spending afternoons on the beach, and having a picnic in the park.

7. Never deny your higher self.

Follow your intuition. Listen to your first mind. Never deny that little voice in your head. That's your spirit guide talking to you, and you should always surrender to it. You'll continuously reap the abundant rewards in doing so.

I hope these brief tips help you manifest some real self TLC. I'm always willing to further the conversation about self care and self love.

What are some ways you administer self care?