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  • Duchess-Simone

5 Of My Travel Must-Haves

1. Makeup remover wipes.

They’re so multi-purpose. While I wouldn’t recommend substituting for disinfecting wipes, they can be useful for wiping grease or ear jam from your headphones, or wiping your commonly used surfaces like your tray table or arm rest. And to be perfectly frank ladies, if you trust these wipes to use for your face consider them safe enough for your intimate areas whenever you need some freshening up. Oh, fellas that's applicable to you as well. You can never be too masculine to carry a pack of wet wipes. Funky booty is not attractive on anyone.

2. Tea bags.

You might think this sounds unusual, but hear me out. I save so much money traveling with my own tea bags! Most eateries will not charge you for a cup of hot water, and to be honest they shouldn’t. A decent cup of tea in the airport will run you anywhere between $4-$5. That isn’t too expensive, but if you’re a tea head like me who enjoys the warmth of an earthy and brightening cup of tea, you’re going to want one frequently though out your travels. Stock up on your favorite tea, package them in a clear sandwich bag, or a pocket sized satchel and get over on the system!

3. Florida water.

A good friend of mine put me on to this protective elixir after I shared some really weighty personal things that came up during my travel plans. I said I needed some protection and help to recalibrate my energy, and she said, "Girl, get you some Florida Water, put it in a 3oz spray bottle, and spritz it to keep your path clear". The good thing about Florida Water is not that it's a cologne and smells nice, but it’s good for spiritual cleansing, protection and prosperity. The not so good thing is that it's sold in 5oz or 7 oz bottles, so you'll have to find a small enough bottle to travel with. But if you can’t find a small spray bottle at your nearest drugstore, just do what I did; buy a mouth wash, empty the contents and pour your new matter in. Just don’t forget that it’s not mouthwash, or completely remove the label. Keep your path clear. :)

Florida Water

4. Portable battery.

You should have one at all times regardless if you’re flying, road tripping, or riding an Amtrak train. You should never take for granted that the charging stations will be available, or properly functioning. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few hours without your phone, and if you're flying you shouldn't really be on it anyway, but for safety purposes you should always be prepared with an additional power source.

5. A positive attitude and an open mind.

If you’re anything like me, you stay up all night packing hours before your trip on the premise of sleeping on the flight. which leaves you most likely dragging your body into the airport dreading the long check-in lines and germ ridden corridors. In that same process you kind of want to minimize conversations, and keep your whereabouts restricted to your gate. But where's the fun in that? I had to realize one of my favorite quotes "the journey is the destination" applies in a micro and macro way. The journey of life as a whole, but also the journey from one coast to the next. I started taking in the full experiences of my trips.

I recently started spending time in airport lounges and restaurants, to garner a different experience, and I have no regrets. Be social. You never know who you’re going to meet in your travels!

Do you have any items that you just can't travel without? Let me know in the comments.