Why the Purple?

Yes, it's my favorite color, but I mainly wear Purple because it represents my astrological and spiritual makeup. Knowing Purple has so much meaning embedded beneath the surface beyond royalty, luxury, and enchantment, has helped me to walk divinely in my purpose. You can read more about my love for Purple HERE.

Do you wear any other color?

Generally speaking NO. While I may incorporate a neutral as an accessory accent; black, nude, denim, white, grey. I will only put purple garments on my body.

How old were you when you started writing?

Six years young.

Who's your poetic inspiration?

Maya Angelou, Kendrick Lamar, Sonia Sanchez, 2Pac,

What are your favorite books of all time?

Death Be Not Proud, John Gunther

The Skin I'm In, Sharon G Flake

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

What do you like doing for fun?

I really like bowling, when my nails aren't done long of course. Getting lost in bookstores + museums, and attending jazz festivals + concerts, stage plays. 

Do you speak at funerals?

Yes, I do. Send me an email. 

What makes you comfortable to be a nude model? 

I get to be 100%  Duchess. As a public figure, you're always susceptible to knowing what people want from you and you are expected to deliver to keep your fans and supporters satisfied. It's quid pro quo. But as an art model, I am on the podium as myself. There's no bells and whistles. The artists don't care about influencers, social following. They just want emotion and strong, steady poses to be inspired by. It's still a performance for me, it just a difference in the rush I guess you can say.

So are you vegan or not?

Gosh, labels are limiting. Do I follow a plant-based diet, YES! But will I occasionally have a piece of wild-caught salmon because I'm in the mood for it, YES! My overall goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, and as a frequent traveler, it started getting really hard to maintain a strict vegan diet because my access to premium food was always fluctuating. I had to adapt in order to prevent being malnourished.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I see my company, dSent (Duchess Simone Entertainment), expanding tenfold through more international endeavors. I would also like to spend more time fueling my passion projects and causes that are close to the heart. Things such as mentorship; helping young girls discover their passions through the arts, & using arts as a means of coping with grief. My dream is to start a non-profit someday.

Do you have an Amazon Wishlist?

Oh gosh, I thought you'd never ask. Do I love being doted on? Don't be so gauche, just take a gander, show me how much you really love me. 💜😈

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