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© 2019 by dSENT, LLC. 


poetry, purple, & other p words

a hopeful beardless millennial once said to me: 

"Duch, I'm just tryna get to know you"


& a very (unimpressed)

Purple replied: "I don't

want to be known."

I always hated the idea of getting personal with folk.


Never have I ever wanted to be known, not by the peach-fuzz-faced hopefuls or the world at large.


I've hidden behind my words as a writer and performed whenever I wanted to come out and play. 


During my days of obscurity, people sought me for advice on relationships, artsy-fartsy thangs, new age "witchcraft", and fashion (I swear I was an image consultant in my past life!).


So it's not like I haven't contributed to the development of hueman kind. It's just been in small doses at my discretion.


But since publishing my book Bare With Me,  I've decided to show my true colors and let it all hang out. The good, bad, and the Lilac.


I'm unveiling my true self as a multi-faceted artist through my blog and podcast. You'll grow to see that I'm low key one of the realest people you'll ever encounter.


Also known as The Experience You'll Never Forget.

Yes, I refer to myself as an experience, and if you wade in my media, and you'll see why! 

fill up on me. just put respect on my name.


there's no T in my name!!