Purple Meaning + Color Theory

Royalty - Intuition - Controlled Emotion - Empathy - Respectable - Distinguished 

Individuality: Violet is unconventional individual and original. It hates to copy anyone else and likes to do its own thing.

Inspiration: Original and sound ideas are created with violet - use it when looking for inspiration during brainstorming sessions.

Imagination: Violet inspires creativity with intellect - it is also stimulating to dream activity.

Spirituality: Violet assists us during prayer and meditation, helping us to get in touch with our deeper subconscious thoughts. Churches often feature violet in their stained glass windows. 

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I wrote Color Of The Year when I was chilling in my car shortly after Pantone announced Violet as 2018's Color of The Year. I was vibrating on such a high frequency because my mom's health was improving, my book was coming along, I came up with the mortgage money just before the 15th, life was really looking up!! 


While I was listening to this track my brother JEllis produced I started writing a status on Facebook to tell the world about it about my good vibes.. But then I laughed so hard by myself because I was thinking like "Damn, Duch, you just have to go + tell the world how good you feel, you can't just have a moment. Facebook gotta know it.." And that became the opening verse to Color Of The Year.

Full lyrics can be found here

I already had an accumulation of purple items throughout my life because it's always been one of my favorite colors. As a little girl, my mom kinda stayed away from pink and usually dressed me in Purple or red which are two very high vibrational colors. In high school, I was able to get away with putting Purple streaks in my hair--temporary of course. But when I graduated from college I decided to go all out in stages though. First, I dyed my afro Purple, and shortly after that, I was fitted for Purple glasses. Of course, a Diva has to have coordinating cosmetics and accessories to match her hair. So I had the lipsticks, earrings, purses, etc.

Finally, I decided to throw all my clothes out and start a new wardrobe. But I wasn't here for the fad of the life, I did hella research! I knew Purple was associated with royalty, which I am as indicated by my namesake. But I wanted to gain a deeper awareness about the origin of the color and what it represented. My research has not only brought me closer to understanding the color itself, but it's also brought me closer to learning new things about who I am. 

Purple is also the astrological color of Sagittarius, which I am 100% to the core.

It's also the color of the 7th Chakra, which is the crown chakra that represents intuition. 7 is also my life path number... You can tell I'm not making this up, there's concrete evidence that shows the common ground between me and the best color in the world.

Many people think I wear Purple because it's fashionable and luxurious, and there's no denying that. But I mainly wear Purple because it represents my astrological and spiritual makeup. Finding out that my favorite color has so much meaning embedded beneath the surface has helped me remain loyal to it, and also walk divinely in my purpose. 

Hell, Purple seems to be about the only thing I can commit to. 

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