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BWM is a book of poetry that walks you through the deeper issues beneath the Purple surface. I write on my crippling identity complexes, balancing real life with relationship woes, and adjusting to adulthood through my father's death.

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My second book is entitled Journal of A Widow's Daughter and is on its way to completion. It is by far the most challenging thing I have ever taken on. Somedays I actually want to gouge my eyes out. Writing and realizing this truth is terrifyingly painful, but I am not deterred from telling my story. 

It's coming of age memoir that dives deep into the psychological and emotional trauma that followed my father's murder in 1998. In writing this book,  not only am I reliving the worst pain of my life, but I am also discovering the many ways my father's absence impacts my perception of masculinity. I examine intimate, familial, and professional relationships that have suffered from my mismanagement of attachment, I unpack conundrums like relating to and trusting other human beings and feeling haunted by death in the place that I wish so bad to perfectly love: Philadelphia, my home town. 

This book also highlights flaws within the criminal justice system, because it tells the complete truth. The man who shot and killed my father was acquited of the crime, even despite the witnesses who took the stand.  

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